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A Healthy Spleen Helps to Raise Metabolism

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Boost the Energy of Your Spleen to Raise Metabolism - by Kay Hutchinson

Miso soup with tofuIn summer, we tend to drink and eat cold foods. Yet, cold foods and drinks can suppress the energy of the spleen to create sluggish digestion and metabolism. Cold foods and drinks can also aggravate low energy and fatigue so that you feel less motivated to exercise.

In Asia, where obesity rates are lower than in the U.S., warm beverages and foods are used year round as digestive aids to warm the spleen, improve digestion, and increase metabolism.

Adding a bowl of miso soup or vegetable soup to meals can help counter the cooling effects of cold salads and other summer dishes. Soups are also a great addition to cold sandwiches. Stick to the low sodium and low fat varieties for optimum benefit.

Consider replacing iced beverages with warm tea to give further support to your spleen. Try a soothing cup of peppermint, spearmint, chrysanthemum (available in Asian supermarkets), or chamomile tea at room temperature or warmed.



All of these teas (peppermint, spearmint, , chamomile and chrysanthemum):


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Kay Hutchinson, Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong Expert
Article by:
Kay Hutchinson, chinese medicine practitioner
Article can be found: Aiki Healing - Health Prosperity, produced by Kay Hutchinson

Last reviewed: 15 January 2010 || Last updated: 15 July 2010


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