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Conventional Treatment of Acne
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Conventional treatment of acne

Conventional treatment of acne is through a combination of treatments:

Lifestyle modifications

There are a number of lifestyle modifications that are recommended by some doctors:

Topical acne treatments

Acne is treated with the following topical treatments, when it is mild to moderate, which can all be purchased over-the-counter at a pharmacy:

The following topical treatments for more moderate acne and require a prescription to be dispensed:



Moderate to severe acne is treated with the following medications and treatment can include either just one type of medication or a combination of medications. These medications are taken orally to help stop the internal reasons for the acne and are often used in conjunction with the topical acne treatments:

Procedural acne treatments

There are a number of procedures which can be undertaken to help improve the condition of the skin and are meant to be used in conjunction with the other advised treatments. These are usually performed by a dermatologist or beauty care professional:


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