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What is Arrhythmia?
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What is arrhythmia?

Arrhythmia is a disorder of the heart rate (heart rhythm) in which the heart can beat too fast, too slow or just irregularly (the heart skips a beat or races fast). Arrhythmias are categorised by which part of the heart they affect (atria or ventricles) and by their impact on heart rhythm.

Tachycardia (fast heart beat)

Tachycardia is a fast heart beat, of more than 100 beats per minute, which is not normal. There are a few different types of tachycardia:

Bradycardia (slow heart beat)

Bradycardia is an abnormally slow heart heat, of less than 60 beats per minute. There are a few different types of bradycardia:

Fibrillation (irregular heart beat)

Fibrillation is an irregular heart beat and is the most common arrhythmia in people over 75. There are a few different types of fibrillation:


Abnormal, but not dangerous arrhythmias

Some arrhythmias are just an occasional abnormal heart beat which occur in normal, healthy adults, do not signify an underlying problem with the heart and are not serious:

These above types of arrhythmias do not have any serious health implications nor do they have an impact on the ability of a person to have a normal life.

Some facts about arrhythmia


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