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What is Asbestosis?
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What is asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a chronic, inflammatory medical condition affecting the lungs. It occurs after a person has been exposed to asbestosis fibres over a long period and has inhaled the fibres into their lungs, where they cause health problems.

Asbestosis a mineral, was commonly used in insulation in buildings (due to its excellent heat insulation properties) and even in firefighter's uniforms (due to its fire-retardant properties) in the past. Over time, it was noticed that the people working the factories who produced the materials with asbestos developed diseases of the lungs and a high percentage of workers (around 20-30%) died. Today, it is not often used in building materials or in many other areas.

Building (homes, industrial and commercial) built before 1977 usually contain some form of asbestosis, in the building and hot water insulation, for soundproofing walls, as decorative material sprayed on walls and ceilings, in older stove tops, in ironing board pads, some types of textured paints, some roofing and siding material and in vinyl floor tiles.

In general, even if asbestos was used in the home (or a building), as long as they are in good condition and they are not crumbling, or in some other way flaking off. It is only when asbestos is damaged that the fibres can be released into the air and inhaled.

Asbestosis causes a type of pulmonary fibrosis as it makes the lung tissue hardened and be unable to inspire and expire properly.


Some facts about asbestosis


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