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Conventional treatment of asbestosis

There is currently no treatment to reverse the effects of asbestosis on the lungs (and alveoli in particular). There are though some medical strategies that are used to prevent further damage to the lungs:


There are no medications that are used to treat asbestosis, but people who have pulmonary hypertension are treated with the following medications:


Oxygen supplementation (through an oxygen mask or by a plastic piece that fits into the nostrils) is normally given to patients with breathing difficulties or if they are in the advanced stages of the disease.

Lung transplant surgery

This is often a last resort treatment, as it is so radical and this surgery will only occur if there is an available set of lungs to use in the lung transplant surgery.


There are other strategies which are recommended to reduce further deterioration and progression of symptoms:

Flu vaccine

People with asbestosis are at increased risk for any type of lung condition, so it is recommended that people with asbestosis have a flu vaccine to prevent further stress on the lungs that a flu infection would cause, which may exacerbate breathing difficulties.

Stop smoking

People with asbestosis should stop smoking, as cigarette smoking puts extra stress on the lungs which may exacerbate breathing difficulties and smoking greatly increases the risk for lung cancer especially in people with asbestosis.


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