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Causes of Asthma
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Causes of asthma

Despite over 100 years of research into asthma the actual root cause of this condition has still not been found, which means that a cure is still not available.


Research shows that many people with asthma have other family members who also have asthma - it seems to run in some families. Conversely, having parents with asthma, does not automatically mean their children will definitely develop asthma

Recurrent viral (or bacterial) infections in the bronchi

There is some evidence to suggest that some people who develop asthma do so after they have been exposed to a number of viral or bacterial infections of the mucous lining of the bronchi or bronchiole.

Not breastfeeding

Women who do not breastfeed their children have a higher chance of their children developing asthma (and / or allergies) at some stage in their development as their child does not receive the passive immunity from their mother which is essential in the first six months of life.


Overuse of antibiotics

There is some body of thought that the overusage of antibiotics in young children contributes to the rise in asthma cases, since antibiotics are being used for viral infections (which they are useless to combat against as they only work on bacteria), but instead they cause an imbalance of the gut and bronchial flora which can be much more susceptible to infection. This in turn usually means more antibiotics, more good gut and bronchial flora destroyed and immunity lowered. This can then ultimately give rise to asthma in those individuals whose immune systems are the most compromised.

Omega-3 deficiencies

Recent research suggests that a mother's diet while pregnant has a major impact on whether or not her child will develop asthma. THe research suggests that pregnant women who do not eat a diet rich in omega-3 may have a higher chance of having a child that develops asthma (or allergies). The research suggested that a Mediterranean diet (lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, nut, seeds, fish, some low fat dairy and little meat and no processed foods) is the best one to prevent the development of asthma (or allergies) in their unborn child.

There are also many known triggers for asthma, which can precipitate irritation and then inflammation in the lungs and cause symptoms associated with asthma.


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