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Diagnosis of Asthma
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Diagnosis of asthma

Asthma is diagnosed through a series of tests (which basically help to give a good picture of lung health and eliminate other possible causes for the symptoms):

History of symptoms

Your doctor will ask a series of questions about your symptoms, such as:

Physical examination

Your doctor will use his/her stethoscope to listen to your lungs as you breath in and out deeply. This will be done from the front of your body and from your back too.

If during the physical examination your doctor detects any sounds in your lungs (which are not normal), then further, more comprehensive tests can be undertaken.

Lung function test

Your doctor can refer you to have a lung function test to determine the volume of air in the lungs and severity of symptoms and damage to the lungs from asthma. The main types of lung function tests are:


Other tests

Your doctor may order other tests if the spirometry or challenge tests prove inconclusive or if other symptoms are present, in order to rule out other conditions. Some of the other tests that can be ordered are:


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