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Conventional Treatment of Asthma
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Conventional treatment of asthma

Treatment of an asthma attack (especially an emergency)

Lifestyle management

Conventional medicine also provides the following asthma management tips to help reduce incidence and severity of symptoms:



The medications prescribed for asthma consist of asthma prevention and asthma rescue medications.

Asthma Prevention Medications

Asthma prevention medications should be taken every day, even if there are no symptoms, to ensure lung airways are clear and free from inflammation and mucous. These medications are:

Asthma Rescue Medications

Asthma rescue medications should be kept on hand and taken only when necessary - during a severe asthma attack (especially if it is an emergency), at times of breathing difficulties, before exercising. Asthma rescue medication will normally help bring breathing back to normal in most cases. These medications are:

Recent research shows that using there is a lot of controversy surrounding the regular use of short- acting beta-agonists (bronchodilators) for the treatment of asthma. Anyone who has asthma should consult their doctor for an appropriate treatment plan to avoid any adverse effects from medication.


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