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Conventional Treatment of Eczema
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Conventional treatment of eczema

Conventional treatment of eczema involves a combination of avoiding the allergen (or irritant) to prevent flare-ups from occurring in the first place, other lifestyle modifications, together with medication for treating any flare-ups of symptoms. There are also some newer forms of therapy to treat eczema, which are also described.

Prevention - reduce exposure to allergen

Prevention - reduce exposure to irritant

Lifestyle modifications


Helpful hints for parents of children with eczema

Babies, infants and young children tend to present with most cases of eczema and the following is useful some advice for parents:


There are a number of different types of medications used to remedy the different types of symptoms associated with eczema:

Phytotherapy (light therapy)

Phytotherapy is a newer type of therapy for eczema which involves treatment with ultraviolet light for mild to moderate eczema in children over the age of 12 and in adults. In phytotherapy, the eczema affected skin is exposed to controlled amounts of ultraviolet light for set periods, to reduce symptoms.

Phytochemotherapy (light therapy + chemotherapy)

In some people, phytotherapy alone is ineffective, so it can be combined with Psoralen, which is a type of chemotherapy medication to more effectively treat the eczema. In phytochemotherapy, the treatment is the same as in phytotherapy, except that in this type of therapy, the medication is taken in conjunction with the light therapy, to enable it to work better.


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