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What is Keshan's Disease?
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What is Keshan's disease?

Keshan's disease is a condition which occurs when there is a deficiency of selenium intake. It is named for the region in China where it was first discovered in the children and young women of the area, where the soil is deficient in selenium (normal soil contains adequate amounts of selenium so normally prevents this condition from occurring).

Keshan's disease causes an abnormality of the heart muscles that causes it to function abnormally. Many children and young women in China (not just in the Keshan region) died because of the lack of selenium causing this condition.

Normally selenium intake protects against developing Keshan's disease, but it cannot reverse damage to the heart muscle once it occurs., although some studies do show that once selenium supplementation occurs, the damage can be reversed in some people, depending on how far the condition has progressed and how damaged the heart muscle has become.


Facts about Keshan's disease


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