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Causes of Labyrinthitis
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Causes of labyrinthitis

The cause of labyrinthitis is not known.

There are though, some known triggers which can make it more easy for labyrinthitis to develop:


Any type of allergy, hay fever (allergic rhinitis) that causes inflammation and irritation of the upper respiratory tract has the potential to also cause swelling and inflammation of the middle ear too (if the inflammation gets severe enough).

Immune system dysfunction (autoimmune labyrinthitis)

If there is a viral infection in the middle ear, in some people this can trigger their immune system to start an unusual or dysfunctional response to the virus and to their own body, particularly the middle ear (where the virus is located), which can result in autoimmune labyrinthitis, a very uncommon type of labyrinthitis.


Any type of injury to the ear or especially any part of the middle ear can result in labyrinthitis.


Middle ear infection (otitis media)

Any type of middle ear infection (usually caused by a virus) can trigger labyrinthitis. This is because a middle ear infection causes swelling and irritation to the labyrinth and this can get worse resulting in labyrinthitis.

Upper respiratory tract infection

Any kind of viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, including colds and flu's, can descend into the middle ear (labyrinth) and cause a great deal of inflammation and irritation and result in labyrinthitis. Children often complain of earaches and ear infections because they are so easily prone to getting ear infections. While a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract is the normal trigger for labyrinthitis, it can also be caused, less commonly but more seriously, by a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract.



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