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What is Scurvy?
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What is scurvy?

Scurvy is a condition which develops when there is not enough intake of vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) in the diet for a long time, from severe vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C is necessary to maintain proper skin, bone and teeth tissue through the production of collagen the connective tissue that keeps all the tissues in place. It helps the body absorb iron better (especially non-haeme iron) and to help wounds heal properly.

Sea sailors who voyaged for months on the open seas were prone to developing scurvy, but at the time, they didn't know what caused the debilitating symptoms and finally the death that occurred.

Dr James Lind was the naval physician who first discovered and proved that eating citrus fruits cured scurvy in the late 1700's (the concept of vitamins was not yet known at that time, so it was not realised that it was the vitamin C in the citrus fruits that prevented scurvy).


Facts about scurvy


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