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Anti-Depressant Medications
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What are anti-depressant medications?

Anti-depressants (or antidepressants) are medication which are prescribed to people who have the following mental health conditions:

Anti-depressants are prescribed as a way of reducing the symptoms of the depression and anxiety disorders. Sometimes they are used alone, but often they are used with some sort of counselling or cognitive therapy, to help the individual deal with the disorder more effectively.

There are several different classes of anti-depressants:


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Important anti-depressant medications facts

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Why anti-depressant medications are important

Anti-depressant medications reduce the symptoms of the mental health disorders (depression, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder), such as:

Anti-depressants are also used for treating PMDD - a very severe form of PMS which affects a small percentage of women.

Recent research about anti-depressants is refuting the claim that they are needed for treating most types of depression. The research suggests that they are almost useless for treating most types of mild to moderate depression and there are a number of other ways to treat depression which does not involve the use of anti-depressants, which have more positive outcomes.


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Last reviewed: 30 September 2007 || Last updated: 21 January 2010


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