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Caesarian Birth
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Caesarian birth facts

Today, having a baby by caesarian is very common - around 30% of all births in Australia are performed as caesarian birth.

While caesarian birth is a very common surgery in Australia, it is important to know that it is major abdominal surgery, which requires at least six weeks for the pregnant woman to recover fully. The caesarian requires an incision (or cut) to be made in the mother's abdomen, as well as another incision (or cut) in the uterus, so the baby can be lifted out.

Caesarian can be performed either with general anaesthetic (the pregnant woman is not awake) or, if the pregnant woman has already had an epidural, she can remain conscious throughout the actual operation, as her lower spine (and associated organs) have been anaesthetised by the epidural.

Caesarian is also known as caesarian section, or c-section.


Elective caesarian birth

Some women may elect to have a caesarian prior to the birth, for one or a combination of any of the reasons below:

The advantages of having an elective caesarian procedure is that it can be scheduled for a particular day and planning for the birth can be easier.

Today, more and more women are electing to have a caesarian which does not have anything to do with any of the reasons above and there is some concern about this procedure being performed unnecessarily.



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Complications of birth leading to caesarian birth

There are some situations during birth, which require a caesarian to be performed, otherwise the life of the mother or baby could be at risk:

If caesarian is recommended during birth, it is advisable to go ahead with it (even if a natural birth was the goal of the birth), as it could mean saving the life of the mother and child.


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Emergency caesarian birth

Emergency caesarian surgery is performed when something goes seriously wrong in labour and either the mother or the baby's lives (or both) are in serious danger.

In Australia, the mother will be asked to sign the consent form for the caesarian before it is performed and her partner will not be able to stay while the surgery goes ahead, due to the seriousness of the situation. The mother will be given a general anaesthetic for the caesarian surgery.


Caesarian birth: step-by-step

The caesarian surgery, in detail and step-by-step:

Full recovery from the caesarian surgery will take approximately six weeks, due to the seriousness of the surgery. You should not lift anything heavy nor should you do any heavy manual work or exercise. Moderate, very low impact exercise such as walking, swimming, some types of yoga and pilates are recommended.


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Advantages of caesarian birth

There are a few advantages of having a caesarian birth, some of which are below:


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Disadvantages of caesarian birth

There are a few advantages of having a caesarian birth, some of which are below:



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  Last reviewed: 20 November 2008 || Last updated: 21 June 2009


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