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Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Kay Hutchinson, who is our resident chinese medicine and qi gong expert and who is available to answer all your questions about chinese medicine and alternative health.

Kay has a private practice and is available for distance consultation, via telephone or email.

Kay answers all your chinese medicine and qi gong questions below:

Q: I would like to know which fruit has the highest source of energy. Or, if the highest source of energy does not come from a fruit, what other food does it exist in?

Could you please let me know?


A: It all depends on what you mean by "energy."

In general, energy in foods refers to the number of calories a food contains, but in Chinese medicine, we might also refer to foods having certain herbal properties that boost the energy of specific organs.

So, there really isn't a definitive answer for a fruit with highest energy, as many things will cause the fructose (the constituent of fruit that tends to provide the most calories) to vary - growing seasons, soil conditions and other environmental factors influence the level of fructose fruits have.

Bananas typically have a high concentration of fructose (hence they tend to raise the blood sugar quickly in diabetics), but mangos and papaya can also be very sweet too - hence we often find these fruits in trail mixes that athletes consume.

Fats also provide a significant source of calories but typically fruits are low in fat, so one would have to look towards nuts to provide this type of calories - which is why we often see nuts and fruits combined in energy bars or trail mixes for active people.

The yellow and orange fruits tend to nourish the spleen energies more which rule muscles - so these type of fruits can be a good source of "energy" for people who are using their muscles vigorously.

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Consult with your medical physician regarding appropriateness of using herbs in your healing process.

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