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Gina Jackson - Fitness Trainer
Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Gina Jackson, who is our resident exercise and fitness expert and who is available to answer all your questions about exercising and fitness. Gina has a private practice and is available for consultation.

Gina answers all your exercise and fitness questions below:

Q: I have degenerative back problems, so my exercise is restrictive. When I do exercise, I feel so exhausted that I need a nap to get through the rest of the day. Can you suggest something I need to eat or drink before/after exercise that will help with this exhaustion.

Secondly, I get up at 5am and have to take medication to get through the day. What can I have that is considered 'food' at this early hour as I cannot face food at this time.

I am 100kg, but want to drop my weight down to around 80kg and I cannot seem to do it at the moment. Can you give me some advice on food and exercise to help me achieve my weight loss goals.


A: Anything you ingest in your body is considered "food." The question is the quality and quantity of calories you choose to use as food. All of the options listed, fruit, vegetable and or protein juice/drinks are appropriate. Depending upon the amount of calories your body requires to fuel its day.

I am not familiar with Syndrome X and suggest you seek healthy, natural, nutrition-rich food which are healthy dietary choices.

Seek to balance your diet and system with a consumption of

Women over 40 that want to manage weight while gaining lean muscle, generally need to increase their protein intake, so I would suggest the consumption of carbs/protein/fats in the following percentages: 55/45/5.


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