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Gini Grey - Spirtual Awareness and Personal Transformation Expert
Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Gini Grey, who is our resident spiritual awareness and personal transformation expert and who is available to answer all your questions about spiritual awareness and personal empowerment in all areas of your life.

Gini has a private practice and is available for consultation in a number of ways.

Gini answers all your spiritual awareness and personal transformation questions below:

Q: I have been seeing a guy for 8 months. There has been a slow but steady development of us being closer and not so guarded. We have a lot of long term goals that are the same.

Somehow I just cant bring myself to ask him if I'm someone he sees as more than what we are. Not sure what to do. We mirror each other when it comes to being cautious.

How do I ask him about taking the appropriate next steps in our relationship for us.


A:Tacuina sanitatis (XIV century)  - Painting by Unknown Master If you feel uncomfortable asking your boyfriend if he sees you and he as more than you are, then perhaps it isn’t time to ask. It’s hard to know if we see someone more than where we are with them in this moment. You mentioned that things are moving forward, even if slowly, so that sounds good. I’m big on staying in the present moment, allowing things to unfold naturally in their own time.

A relationship is like a flower, it needs nourishment, but it has its own blossoming time. If you are happy with where the relationship is in this moment, can you trust it to unfold naturally? If there comes a time where it isn’t where you want it to be, perhaps then it’s time to have a conversation about where your boyfriend sees you and he going, but if you’re happy in the meantime, enjoy that.

Take care.

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