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Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Gini Grey, who is our resident spiritual awareness and personal transformation expert and who is available to answer all your questions about spiritual awareness and personal empowerment in all areas of your life.

Gini has a private practice and is available for consultation in a number of ways.

Gini answers all your spiritual awareness and personal transformation questions below:

Q: Why do I always feel depressed like there is something missing in my life?

What can I do to make myself feel better?


A: It's hard for me to know exactly why you feel depressed without knowing more about your situation, but you did mention that you feel like something's missing and that could be an important aspect of it.

Feeling depressed can happen for many reasons. People who experience a number of symptoms of depression for more than 3 weeks may be considered clinically depressed and require treatment from a doctor, counsellor or alternative health practitioner. When people are clinically depressed they have lower levels of serotonin in their brain and as they find ways to raise these levels (through medication, herbal remedies, exercise, cognitive therapy, acupuncture, energy healing and so on) they feel better.

But in your case, it sounds like this isn't just a biochemical imbalance, but that something is calling to you. Have you experienced any form of loss lately, as depression is a natural part of the grieving process? Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, relationship or any form of change that incurs loss may trigger feelings of depression for a while.

Is your heart and soul longing for a change? Sometimes depression is a lack of passion or inspiration. What would you love to do in your life if time, money and others weren't an issue? See if you can find ways to honor these longings in a healthy way.

Are you expressing your creativity? Depression can also be a smothering or repression of creative expression. Perhaps writing, drawing, painting, dancing or some other form of creative expression might help (and you don't have to be an artist, it's about the process not the outcome of the creativity that counts here).

Are you in touch with your emotions. Repressed anger can sometimes feel like depression. Get in touch with the emotions that underlie your feelings of depression. If there is sadness, touch into it and allow it to communicate to you. If there is anger, feel it and process it in a way that feels healthy to you (writing about it, using paint or crayons to express anger, or talking to a friend or counselor can help).

Do you have a spiritual practice? If you feel like something is missing, it may be a connection to your spiritual self or the God of your heart. Meditation and prayer can be a way to discover who you are beyond your mind and body. Underneath our mind's thoughts and our body's emotions is our natural state of love, joy and amusement. Take time each day to touch into your true nature.

To discover more insights into your depression, you might try talking to it as though it is a separate character in your life. You could close your eyes and have an inner dialogue with it or write a letter to it and write back to yourself from the perspective of your depression. Try asking it what it wants, what it is trying to tell you, how it is trying to help you. This may give you deeper awareness of why you feel depressed or what is missing in your life.

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