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Understanding Spiritual Awareness & Personal Transformation

Gini Grey - Spirtual Awareness and Personal Transformation Expert
Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Gini Grey, who is our resident spiritual awareness and personal transformation expert and who is available to answer all your questions about spiritual awareness and personal empowerment in all areas of your life.

Gini has a private practice and is available for consultation in a number of ways.

Gini answers all your spiritual awareness and personal transformation questions below:

Q: I feel that I am at the beginning of a spiritual quest in my life. I am reading lots of books but I am afraid to join any kind of spiritual groups.

Do you any advice to help me on my journey?


A: Congratulations for entering a spiritual quest in your life - it's an amazing journey to be on a conscious spiritual path. I can understand your concern about joining a spiritual group as the group energy can vary from group to group. Some have a setting which supports individual spiritual growth and autonomy while others may have leaders that take on a guru stance and people sometimes give their power away to the leader or the group.

You mentioned you have done lots of reading, I'm wondering about how much meditation, prayer or inward reflection you have done. I've found that by taking time to meditate I become more aware of myself as a spiritual being and my intuitive senses come alive more. This then supports me to know what my next step is regarding taking a workshop or joining a group or just doing my own inward connecting to the God of my heart.

Perhaps taking some experiential workshops that are focused on spiritual pursuits such as meditating or other personal or spiritual practices you are drawn to might be a helpful next step. I would encourage you to take some quiet time, separate from others information, where you can check in with yourself on a deeper level to see what you are drawn to on a heart and soul level.

Another thing to do is to set an intention to be led to what is your next best step. Connect to your higher power or the God of your heart or Source or Nature or the Universe (many names for the essence of all life - which are you drawn to?) and ask for guidance or a sign. I'm sure you will soon be led to what is appropriate for you. You will know if a particular spiritual group is a fit for you as you will feel drawn to it.

Trust yourself to know what is appropriate for you. If you end up in a group that doesn't feel right to you, you can always leave. Sometimes it's part of our journey to go somewhere that isn't best for us as it helps us to hone our intuitive skills to know what is good for us in the future. It's all just experiences which offer growth and learning. With conscious awareness we become better at discerning what we really want.

Remember, you are a powerful spiritual being creating your life, one step at a time, and with conscious intention, you can create what is in perfect alignment for you. Enjoy the journey.

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