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Vital Health Zone is proud to announce Kay Hutchinson, who is our resident chinese medicine and qi gong expert and who is available to answer all your questions about chinese medicine and alternative health.

Kay has a private practice and is available for distance consultation, via telephone or email.

Kay answers all your chinese medicine and qi gong questions below:

Q: My almost-3-year-old son has recently been diagnosed with having asthma. It's distressing to me because I know how much children with asthma can suffer. For a child so young, is it safe to let him take Chinese medicine?

Also, my son sleeps on the tiled floor in a high rise apartment, because our place is usually warm at night. There is a layer of bamboo mat and blanket separating him and the floor.

I was recently informed that sleeping on concrete floors may give rise to rheumatism in the future. If this true? Any harm in letting him continue to sleep on the floor? Thanks very much for your help.


A: I have used Chinese formulations with children as young as 1 years-old with very good success, especially the tea decoctions for asthma.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there can be several reasons why a child might manifest asthma. Their lung qi may be constitutionally weak and often times, we see some weakness with the kidney and spleen qi (especially when there is much mucus and congestion along with swelling of the lung tissues).

So, it is important to determine what patterns might be causing your child's asthma so the correct combination of herbs can be given.

Acupuncture and acupressure can also be very helpful as well as qi gong massage (massaging the chest, the kidneys or low back).

As for concrete floors causing rheumatic arthritis or other joint/mobility issues, there is nothing in the research that supports that theory.

Sometimes people who sleep on hard surfaces may feel stiff in the morning because blood is not circulating properly as their bodies press against the hard surfaces.

However, usually doing qi gong movements and self massage upon rising eliminates that stiffness and prevents more permanent soreness.

Also, upon waking, teach your child to gently rub the shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, lower back and legs and feet. Many of my clients make this type of self massage a fun activity, massaging along with the child while singing common nursery songs. Best blessings and healing.

Please note that the information provided is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Consult with your medical physician regarding appropriateness of using herbs in your healing process.

Contact Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT at Aiki Healing today for a consultation for a custom herbal formulation.


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