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Buying organic foods

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Why should you buy organic foods?





Organics defined

Organic foods have been grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics. Organic farmers promote farming methods that care for the environment, are sustainable and have animal welfare as a high priority.


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Nutritional benefits of organics

It has been shown in studies that organic foods have higher levels of vitamins and minerals, including those cancer-fighting compounds - antioxidants which scavenge for free radicals to limit or prevent them from damaging the DNA.

Flavonoids (which are potent antioxidants) are produced by the plant to protect it from damage by their natural predators - insects. When pesticides and herbicides are used on plants, these naturally-occuring flavonoids are decreased. When plants are artificially protected from insects (through the use of pesticides and herbicides), they do not produce as much antioxidants because there is not as much need to do so. By using these chemicals to protect plants from disease and pests, a two-fold negative effect is produced - (1) the plants produce less antioxidants, so that when we eat them, they do not provide the high levels of antioxidant protection as organic foods grown naturally would, (2) the environment is poisoned by these pesticides and herbicides.

Organic foods contain higher levels of the cancer-protecting antioxidants and are preferable to conventional foods. Check to see if the food is certified by the proper certifying authority.


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Costs of organics

Organic foods are somewhat more expensive than conventional foods, mainly because there are more costs associated with producing organic products and also because it is still a smaller industry than conventional farm. Organic farming is still in it's infancy, although it is the only way that farming was done in the past, before chemicals were introduced.

Organic farming take-up is growing steadily, as more farmers are realising the benefits to them and their families. The more farmers that use these natural farming methods, the more the costs of the foods will be lowered.


Going organic

To start eating organics, the best way to do this, if cost is an issue, is to be a selective organic food shopper. To do this:



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Organics in Australia

The following are references for organics in Australia:

Last reviewed: 12 August 2009 || Last updated: 15 January 2010


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